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Final Thoughts – Modern British Poetry

This experience was everything that I had expected and more. I have learned much more about Poetry and the various themes within Poetry.  I have had the opportunity to read works … Continue reading

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Creative Project – Conceit by D.H. Lawrence

  This week I’ve been work a lot on my Creative Project. For my creative project, I did what some would call a “tribute” to the late great D.H. Lawrence. … Continue reading

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Icarus by Brueghel (my interpretation)

  This week in class, we reviewed W.H. Auden’s poetic interpretation of Icarus by Brueghel. Though the story and of course Auden’s poem are hotly debated, my take on both … Continue reading

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“In Memory of Sigmund Freud” by W.H. Auden

  Like myself, Auden seemed to have some admiration for Freudian theory. Though he though that women ‘suffered from penis envy,’ I still admire Freud. His work is phenomenal. The … Continue reading

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Stevie Smith’s “Pretty”

To most people, “pretty” is a huge compliment. Well, to most of us, for someone to call us “pretty” is a huge compliment. But what about “beautiful?” Which compliment do … Continue reading

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The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock

Eliot is a peculiar character. Much like Poe, Eliot uses a lot of visual language to depict his scenes to his readers. He has a true talent for writing visuals. … Continue reading

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D.H. Lawrence

“Love on the Farm” “Love on the Farm” seems like it would be about basking in the beauty of nature right? Wrong. It is a poem about sadism and other … Continue reading

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