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“In Memory of Sigmund Freud” by W.H. Auden



Like myself, Auden seemed to have some admiration for Freudian theory. Though he though that women ‘suffered from penis envy,’ I still admire Freud. His work is phenomenal. The theories that he developed seemed so abstract to others, they were actually quite simplistic. Of course the Id, Ego, and Superego can be understood by man scholarly minds, but also, the Oedipal Complex is brilliant. In my humble opinion, I believe the Oedipal Complex is brilliant. According to the Oedipal Complex, boys envy their fathers and want their mothers all to themselves. Of course Freud took the theory and related to a much more sexual possession, to which I don’t agree with; I do agree with the premise of the theory that boys feel that they are in a competition with their fathers. Most young male athletes strive to be great, but they strive to be greater than their fathers. For some reason, they target their fathers as their sole competition. Many boys are also what we may call, “mama’s boys.” These boys really do want their mothers all to themselves and are very loyal to their mothers. The Electra Complex, though founded by Carl Jung, the theory  itself is modeled behind the Oedipal Complex. According to Jung, girls envy their mothers and want all the father’s affection. Again, I do not agree with the sexual aspect of either theory, though I agree with its premise. Girls do seek out the approval and affections of their fathers, most girls are “daddy’s girls.” Girls who have missed out on having a father, seek out one. They may seek out a father in a relationship, which is very common. Women who are drawn to older men or men who are care-takers, were usually girls who missed out on having a father. Freud is a theorist who heavily influenced the field of Psychology, as well as Sociology. In this poem, Auden gave Freud the credit he deserves.  


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