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Creative Project – Conceit by D.H. Lawrence

Caesar stabbed


This week I’ve been work a lot on my Creative Project. For my creative project, I did what some would call a “tribute” to the late great D.H. Lawrence. I dove into much of his poetry and of all the poem that I read, I decided to interpret and critique only a few. My favorite that I read was called, “Conceit.” I found this poem so moving because it was much like a soft-spoken lecture. Lawrence is lecturing us about our conceit. Conceit is a very dangerous attribute. But why is it so dangerous? It is dangerous because when one becomes consumed with oneself, the most obvious things are often not seen; events in history definitely back this claim. Consider the reign of Julius Caesar, due to his vanity, he was oblivious to the fact that a mutiny was in the works. The same man who practically had a key to his house, took part in his murderous stabbing. When one becomes consumed with oneself, one begins to believe that they are “exempt” from the troubles of the world. This type of thinking is god-like. This is what Lawrence warned of, conceit is cowardice. Never forget “that thou art mortal!” One you forget that you are made of blood, flesh, and bone, you are a coward. You are no longer yourself. You are using a mask to conceal your insecurities. Lawrence suggests that we should declare our insecurities because our insecurities make us human, they remind us that we are human. To know all about oneself is not wisdom, but foolery. To obtain true wisdom, vanity must be sacrificed, one’s eyes must truly open, and wisdom becomes attainable. That is how we become closer to God, by sacrificing our deadly sins. From there, we are guided into the way of righteousness.


3 comments on “Creative Project – Conceit by D.H. Lawrence

  1. Jacob J.
    March 5, 2014

    can i use this pic on a school report?

    • Jacob J.
      March 5, 2014

      pls reply asap

      • DarlinngDoll
        March 5, 2014

        Yes, please cite the source. Thank you.

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