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Stevie Smith’s “Pretty”

rainfallTo most people, “pretty” is a huge compliment. Well, to most of us, for someone to call us “pretty” is a huge compliment. But what about “beautiful?” Which compliment do you prefer? Depending on who you talk to, the answer could be totally different. In Stevie Smith’s poem, “Pretty” she describes many things that she believes are “pretty.” The applause is necessary for Smith in several lines of the poem, but especially when describing the falling leaf. Now the falling of a leaf symbolizes to most people, simply the onset of Autumn. To Smith, the falling of a leaf is much more than that. Falling itself is typically unfortunate, sometimes humorous to those of us on the comedic side. But think about it, when a leave falls, is it alive? Well .. no it’s not because its life-source is the tree that it grew from, much like a fetus growing within its mother’s womb right? Yes. Smith sees past the ugliness and misfortune of the dead, falling leaf and sees its beauty. Its beauty is comparable, because it has a uniqueness that is “pretty.” The same thing can be said of the rain. When you ask a child if they like the rain, most of them will probably say no. Why not? Well the rain is also considered as an unfortuante occurrence, much like the falling, dead leaf. Again, Smith finds beauty in the rain, something she notes as “pretty.” Smith is trying to say in the poem that so many things are “pretty” and they are “pretty” in their own ways. “This field, this owl, this pike, this pool are careless,” in this line Smith states that to be careless is a good thing, carelessness doesn’t always mean reckless or clumsy. Carelessness can mean dauntlessness, the inability to be intimidated, that is not pretty. That is BEAUTIFUL.


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